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Concrete Admixtures


High-range water reducer and superplasticizing concrete admixture. Dispersing agent.


ORPLAST S4 is an anion surface active polymer based liquid superplasticizer with strong dispersion effect, effective water reduction and low air-entrainment for the production of high-strength concrete with improved workability. The superplasticizer allows the preparation of highly-flowable high-slump concrete with the same water/cement ratio of low-slump control concrete with no-additive. It improves the compressive strength of the hardened concrete.

Technical Information

  • : Brown homogeneous flowing liquid.
  • : 7,0 - 9,0
  • : 1,20 + 1 g/cm3
  • : 1 year over 5'C in original packaging
  • : 1 Ton PE Tank / 120 kg Drum.


  • Allows the production of high quality rheoplastic concrete with higher fluidity retention.
  • Provides the same level of workability at lower water/cement ratios.
  • Reduces the water content by over 20% depending on the dosage amount.
  • Longer duration of workability retards the hardening of the concrete.
  • Increases the early and ultimate strength of the concrete.
  • Minimizes segregation and perspiration.
  • Improves permeability, durability, bond to steel and dimensional stability of the concrete.

Application Areas

  • Ready Mix Concrete,
  • Areas where concrete freight takes long time
  • Areas where high quality concrete is desired.

Application Procedure

ORPLAST S4 should be used after dissolving in water. After adding half of the necessary water to the cement, dissolving the admixture in the rest of the water improves the plasticizing effect. If it is necessary to add the admixture directly on fresh concrete, the mixing time should be adequate in order to ensure homogeneity.

Usage Amount

The usage amount may vary depending on the quality of cement and aggregate as well as the water/cement ratio and the temperature. Optimum dosage should be determined by pre-trials.

Depending on the temperature of the weather and the retarding effect desired, 0.5-2.0% of the weight of the cement (for 100 kg cement, use 500 - 2000 gr ORPLAST S4) should suffice..


No harm on health if due attention is given to the general safety precautions necessary for handling all chemicals.

This product is of industrial quality and intended exclusively for industrial use. The information contained herein is based on our current knowledge & experience, and does not guarantee certain properties or suitability. Users must take responsibility for determining suitability and for observing existing laws & regulations. This leaflet shall not constitute any warranty or liability for injury, loss or damages resulting from reliance upon the information contained herein.
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