Company Profile

ORKIM Chemicals Inc. is a joint-stock company established in 1980 to produce and trade textile auxiliary chemicals for any kind of yarn & fabric and for any stage of textile fabric and garment wet processes. Our company has enjoyed a steady growth since it was established, and expanded its product & market range thru R&D studies while improving technical expertise. With the headquarters and manufacturing facilities situated in IZMIR, a major trade port in TURKEY, our brand-products may in general be categorized as follows:

      1. Pretreatment & Bleaching Auxiliaries
      2. Dyeing & Printing Auxiliaries
      3. Finishing Auxiliaries
      1. Enzymes
      2. Dyeing & Printing Auxiliaries
      3. Finishing Auxiliaries

Over the years, our high-quality production, reliable service, honest and sincere business conduct, and warm relations of long years with clients have earned us the respect of the textile industry, and thus a considerable market share in domestic market. ORKIM Inc. brand-products became an essential part of the production of many fashion brands which are exported mainly to USA and EU. Determined to provide excellence to its customers since established, ORKIM Inc. certified its quality management systems with TS EN ISO 9001- 2008 standards through Bureau Veritas in 2003. In 2005, ORKIM Inc. decided to reach the foreign markets with its expertise and know-how acquired for over 25 years in the domestic arena. No more than a year later, ORKIM Inc. succeeded with its first export after extensive market research and investment on necessary resources. Now, with established contacts in Europe, Asia, and Africa, ORKIM Inc. is ready to enter new projects, new markets and new ventures having in her hand the necessary product experience, market knowledge, company credibility and resources.


ORKIM Chemicals Inc. will always be one step ahead of customer expectations with constant improvement at all stages of her business activities.

Mission Statement

ORKIM Chemicals Inc. will always strictly follow honest, reliable and ethical business practice in serving her customers with manufactured and trade products; as it has always been since she was established. It is ORKIM Inc.’ mission to sustain total customer satisfaction via high quality products, first-class service and superior technical support. With the involvement of all personnel, ORKIM Inc. will strive to improve the quality and the scope of her products while exceeding customer expectations in her service & support by closely following and, where possible, implementing the advancements in new technologies, processes and practices.

Quality Policy

ORKIM Chemicals Inc. values honest, reliable and ethical business practice and aims to sustain total customer satisfaction via high quality products and first-class service and superior technical support.

It is ORKIM Inc.’s Quality Policy to preserve her principles and reach her goals by implementing total quality standards at all stages of business activities as well as in products, services and support.

ORKIM Inc. will continually improve the effectiveness, scope and embracement of her total quality management system: with establishing the total involvement of all personnel, by effective training and education of all employees, through periodic management reviews of quality objectives.

ORKIM Chemicals Inc