Dear Customers,
We, as ORKIM Chemicals Inc., are very glad to provide excellence in service since we have been established in 1980 and we would like to let you know that we always strive to improve our customer’s satisfaction. We try to ensure complete customer satisfaction starting with trying to satisfy our staff’s expectancies, and promote team work with zero tolerance to unethical or dishonest behavior. ORKIM Chemicals Inc. pays the utmost attention to its staff; therefore, the great majority of our staff has been working with us since almost the foundation of our company.

Certainly, ORKIM Chemicals Inc. is a well-established professional organization with all the necessary certificates in management, production and customer service; however, more important than certification is making sure that the company as a whole is always proceeding in the right and best path. ORKIM Chemicals Inc. has had its own rules, policies and a determined path even before earning its certificates; which never changed so far. The following 4 basic, yet unchangeable, rules shape ORKIM Chemicals Inc.’s business approach that led the company to success since its foundation:

  1. ORKIM Chemicals Inc., as a whole, fully embraces ethical behavior and honesty. We will always practice an honest & sincere approach in intra- & inter-company relations and we will train all of our staff & management not to ever violate the ethical code in any condition.
  2. ORKIM Chemicals Inc. keeps a high product standard & quality and pays utmost attention to proper dispatch. We will always provide our customers with a sustainable quality standard in every batch of production for each product.
  3. ORKIM Chemicals Inc. conducts thorough R&D for continuous improvement of standards, range & quality. We will increasingly invest in sales, service and product R&D in order to exceed customer expectations.
  4. ORKIM Chemicals Inc. places priority to customer relations and customer satisfaction. We will provide after-sales and technical service to all customers, even to those that we have no trade with. We will always try our best to quickly solve customer’s problems any time of the week in order to contribute to their uninterrupted production.

Following the above terms strictly since the foundation of ORKIM Chemicals Inc. allowed us to hold a strong and preferred position among customers in the market. Now, we invite you to experience the same level of service, quality and customer-oriented business approach that our customers have been enjoying since 1980. Sincerely yours..

Chairman & C.E.O ORKIM Chemicals Inc.


ORKIM Chemicals Inc. is a joint-stock company established in 1980 to produce and trade textile auxiliary chemicals for any kind of yarn & fabric and for any stage of textile fabric and garment wet processes.

Our company has enjoyed a steady growth since it was established, and expanded its product & market range thru R&D studies while improving technical expertise. With the headquarters and manufacturing facilities situated in IZMIR, a major trade port in TURKEY, our brand-products may in general be categorized as follows.

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Investments & Projects

To be able to serve its customers better and faster, ORKIM Chemicals Inc. invests in new business ventures, new markets and a new production facility.

We began the construction of our new facility in Izmir-Torbali Organized Industrial Site in a 5000 m2 parcel incorporating new production technologies that will allow higher production capacity and standard, improved product quality and faster manufacturing time.

ORKIM Chemicals Inc. also constantly seeks to enter in new ventures with strategic business partners and potential customers in domestic and international markets to improve market reach, product line and business scope.

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Determined to provide excellence to its customers, ORKIM Chemicals Inc. always seeks to improve its ability and professionalism. As a means for improvement, the company aims to obtain all the necessary certificates in manufacturing, management and marketing. ORKIM Chemicals Inc. began obtaining the necessary certifications in the 90’s by certifying its brand products with the Turkish Standard Institute.

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